Richard StevensHello my name is Richard Stevens. As you can see, I’m getting on a bit! I’ve had a good life and I’ve seen a lot of changes. Some good – some not so good and some that really worry me. By that I mean that the older I get the more concerned I become about the future of our planet. Almost every day, I am reminded of the damage that we human beings are doing to the world – global warming, melting ice caps, air pollution, oceans full of our plastic waste, our continued appetite for timber from tropical rain forests – and nearer to home, our love affair with the internal combustion engine, the obscene amount of food wasted every day, the slow uptake of recycling schemes etc. I could go on.

Now I have seven amazing grandchildren and I want them to have long and happy lives. But unless we do something now I hate to think what state the planet will be in when they reach my age.

I came acthe greatest threatross this quotation on the internet some time ago and it really got me thinking. Of course it’s easy to say that solving a big problem is not a the job of a single person. It’s a job for ‘them’ to sort out’ – whoever they may be –  local councils, the government, charities, big corporations. But that’s a cop out, isn’t it? That’s an excuse for doing nothing. But what on earth can a single person do? Well – only a little bit – to be honest. But if enough people just did a ‘little bit’ each of those’ little bits’ would soon add up to a ‘big bit’. And if lots of ‘big bits’ were were added together  then we would be creating something awesome! We could make a difference!

So in this series I’m going to write a few blog posts and produce a few short videos showing some of the ‘little bits’ that I do in the hope that you and others will join me and do more ‘little bits’ so that together we can help to save the planet.

So remember – Every little bit helps!

“Arl say thee!”

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