Plastic Bag update – plus another issues.

tesco logoAfter my post a few days ago about Tesco withdrawing 5p single use plastic bags, I’ve had time to do a bit of research on other supermarkets plastic bag policies. And it has raised a couple of interesting other issues!

Trawling the web has been an fascinating exercise. As far as I can discover, we have six supermarkets locally.aldi logo

lidl logoTop marks must go to Aldi, Lidl and Tesco who have withdrawn the 5p bags and will sell sturdier re-usable bags.

Bottom of the class are Morrisons, Sainsburys and Asda who continue to provide the single use plastic bags.  Pressure is required to encourage these three to play catch up!

But the journey around my Google searches threw up a couple of other issues which were raised on several websites and in numerous forums.

Firstly, there were numerous complaints about the number of plastic bags being used in Home Delivery schemes – instances of single items being placed in a bag and numerous images of loads of bags for a single delivery only partly filled. Questions were raised as to whether these bags were being declared as having been ‘sold’ bearing in mind that the stores were charging a set delivery charge.

And secondly, several correspondents raised the seemingly simple question “If a scheme can be devised for plastic carrier bags, why not for plastic bottles?” Do you remember paying a deposit on your bottle of Corona Dandelion and Burdoch? You never threw those bottles away! And if you did the local kids would retrieve them and get the money back. So simple! Of course it could work.

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