My new Bus Pass arrived today

One of the advantages of growing old is that I qualify for a bus pass! Yes, you know you’ve made it when you can hop on any bus and just flash a piece of plastic to go wherever  you want without paying!

bus passI’ve had one ever since I retired. Over the years I’ve used it many times and never cease to be puzzled why more people do not get one. I suppose I’m fortunate in that I live in Stone, a small market town midway between Stoke–on -Trent and Stafford and in the middle of the FirstBus 101 service. So I can head north to Newcastle and Hanley or south to Stafford. The Stafford journey is brilliant. A direct route down the A34 and I can be in Stafford almost as quickly as by car.  And you can get off at three or four different stops around the town. No parking problems! No parking charges! And a bus every twenty minutes. How can you beat that?

However, to be absolutely honest with you, I don’t use my bus pass half as much as I should. Now that my bank has closed its Stone Branch, I am having to go to Stafford more often. And it’s just too easy to get in the car and drive there. So, the mere process of writing this post has firmed my resolve that I shall make a determined effort to use the 101 for every trip to Stafford. And the side benefit of doing so is that I will have to walk into town to catch the bus – which will go along way to me achieving my 10,000 steps a day! I’ll report back on progress in a few weeks!


  • Use my bus pass for every journey to Stafford and elsewhere where possible.



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